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Raccoonbot is a multipurpose, free to use discord bot for your discord server! It is coded in the discord.py libary also known as rewrite previously. Raccoonbot has a multiple list of commands which are all avaliable for you to use for free which you can see down below. Raccoonbot is made by 5ifty#0777 on discord or 5ifty.

About RaccoonBot:

Over the course of 5 months I have been working on a discord project , better known as RaccoonBot or Raccoonbot.py. This bot is coded in Python using the discord.py wrapper with Source Code. This is by far my best creation in coding and my first ever project! Read about the constant updates on my trello. Want more about RaccoonBot? Read Below!

What Raccoonbot includes:

Commands List:

Fun Commands which provide entertaiment to your server there are over 40 fun commands as of now!

Moderation Commands which will keep your server safe and sound from the bad discord users!

Images Commands which mainpulate images to your wildest desire!

Utility Commands which provided usefulness yet go without attention

Music Commands which play music in voice calls using the best of the best lavalink wrapper !

Information Commands for general information about the bot and the developer

Discord Commands based round discord utilities


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